January 3, 2008

Article Marketing Drives Sales and Improves Search Engine Rankings

Article marketing is, as its name suggests, a form of advertising that involves the distribution of articles. Though we most commonly associate the term with the Internet, article marketing is nothing new, and it actually predates the Internet.

Business owners have been using articles as a means of attracting new customers for years. In fact, article writing has been utilized as a marketing tool since the advent of the newspaper business.


Internet Marketing: Why You Need A List

There is a mantra you hear often while learning about internet marketing: "The money is in the list". Every successful internet marketer talks about his list. There is all kind of advice on how to build a list. Sometimes lost in all this list building information is "Why do you need a list?"


Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Virtual Assistant

As you know, hiring a virtual assistant can help you grow your business. However the first time you hire one can seem somewhat daunting. The following are some tips to help you with the hiring process.