January 6, 2008

Is Pay-Per-Click Really Worth It?

I will just come out and say it. Pay-per-click is the most frustrating, pointless, bone-headed form of internet marketing known to man. Most websites use at least some pay-per-click to attract traffic to their site. Other sites use nothing but pay-per-click to attract traffic to their site. I, on the other hand, detest it. I hate paying for clicks and I have modified my internet marketing strategy accordingly.


The Traffic Power Keeps on Multiplying with Article Marketing

Newsletter publishers turn to article directories to find much needed content. These sites allow ezine publishers to reprint any listed article in their newsletter for free. All they have to do is give the author credit for the article and include a link back to the author's site. They do this by including a resource box at the end of each article.

The resource box that tells the reader about you and includes a link back to your site is just the starting point for ways you gain traffic through article marketing.