October 17, 2007

Understanding The Basics Of Keyword Density

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword appears in the web page. But mind you, keywords shouldn't be over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places.

If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will probably be rejected as an artificial site or spam site.


How Search Engines Work To Bring Traffic To Your Site

It is the search engines that finally bring your website to the notice of the prospective customers and where most people get their online sales from. Hence it is better to know how these search engines actually work and how they present information to the customer initiating a search.


Can A Regular Person Make Money Through Internet Marketing?

The difficulty with online business is that it takes more intensity then other types of businesses. The patience and tenacity required drives almost everyone to quit. Does that mean that the average person can't make money online? It at least means that most people aren't willing to do what would be required.