February 29, 2008

Is Google the Best Place to Advertise Your Affiliate Products?

You have a good affiliate product to market, and you want to use pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Good idea or bad? Well, it can be a good idea so long as you control your spending, and track your ads. And the next question is whether Google is the best place to advertise your affiliate products.


Warning! Don't Buy that E-Book

One of the biggest problems when you start out as an affiliate is to resist the urge to buy the latest e-book or video set that comes out. There is something coming out every week, and some of the e-books which were brought out a year ago are as good as some of these new ones. Save your money and don't buy that brand-new e-book about affiliate marketing programs.


What’s Google AdSense?

Using Google AdSense on your site is like collecting free money. How much can you make running Google AdSense? It depends on three factors.

Please find in this article: The History of Google AdSense.

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How Many Different Forms of Promotion Do You Use?

Whatever stage you are at with your online marketing ventures, promoting them is a key part of how successful they will eventually be. What's more, the act of promotion is a constantly evolving entity - it's not something you should do once and then forget about.


How Much Do You Think You Can Earn Online?

You're right. However much you thought about in answer to the question above, you're probably right. If that has shocked you, then you may well be grateful for that shock in the months and years to come. That's because people tend to achieve what they think they can achieve.


Do You Know You Should Never Do These When Trying to Make Money Online?

Most webmasters are working very hard in order to make money online. There are even webmasters who become very rich by building up their business online. One of the advantages of making money online is that you will have chances of making money without investing a lot of money. However, there is something that you should never do!