December 24, 2007

Top 10 Ways To Support Someone In Being Their Best

One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to support ourselves and others in living at our highest and best. Whether we're parents, partners, friends or leaders, it's incumbent upon us to help others to live as close to their unique potential as we can.

With everything we say and do, we're influencing, positively or negatively, the people we care about. The ideal is to do this with consideration and intention. Here are ten ways you can help others see and realize the best that's within them.

Why Bloggers Should Show Their Own Pictures On Blogs They Own

Showing of self-picture on blogs is not really a requirement for blog owners. There are bloggers who choose not to do so, while some of them choose to have it included in the About Me section. They may have different reasons for doing such, but the following reasons are the most important ones why blog owners should show their own pictures on blog they own.