March 9, 2008

Legal Documents and Affiliate Marketing

Every affiliate marketer is required to use some legal documents to run his business. Without these documents you may lose everything. Just a single complaint from your customer can shutdown your business. Here is the list of legal documents that you must have to protect your business and yourself.

Sales Commission in Affiliate Marketing

This article will provide some useful information to those who are planning to start affiliate marketing. The profit in this business is the sales commission. Affiliates are interested in the products that offer high sales commissions. The merchants want to sell their products but they want to pay less sales commission to get the maximum benefit.


You Need A Blog: Here's Why!

Blogs are more than outlets for personal opinions, they have become popular ways to comment, rant, review and market. Savvy internet marketers now use blogging as a central platform of their business strategies. Here's the reason…