October 23, 2007

What Should We Focus On to Succeed in the Internet Business?

There is a funny thing about working at a job that pays you for the work that you do. You get into a ‘work-equals-money’ mindset. After all, when you work for others, work does in fact equal money.

We get stuck in the ‘work-equals-money’ mindset that is actually counter-productive to building a successful internet business.


The Importance of a Salesletter

The Internet is like a very busy freeway and everyone's in a rush. Only a strong headline like that in big, bold letters will stop your target audience dead in their tracks to read through your salesletter.


Overdeliver Your Way To Success

The Internet is a level playing field for every Internet marketer and merchant out there. The sheer connectivity means that you can reach every individual in the world. You are not limited by geographic constraints and anyone can be your customer or client.

This is precisely why you should overdeliver. When every competitor of yours has access to everyone in the market, your only way of winning the battle is to overdeliver, again and again.


Light Your Online Home Business Fire By The Daily Blogging

The nature of online home business is, that it is an information business. This means that your customers need fresh information as an ongoing flow. That means benefits for them.

The more useful tips they get, the more money they make online. Blogging will fulfil this need better than any other medium.